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The push for sustainability has changed many markets over the years – and one that hasn’t been unaffected is the wedding industry. Unfortunately, many wedding companies aren’t as sustainable as they could be. If you and your partner want an amazing but sustainable wedding, here are some things you should consider to make your wedding more sustainable. 

The Wedding Outfits

One of the biggest factors in waste production in the wedding industry is the wedding outfit industry. When you’re planning your wedding outfits, make sure that your dress/suit is made from fabric that is good for the environment. Using organic cotton as opposed to normal cotton can be a fantastic way to be more sustainable as non-organic cotton creates so much damage to the environment. However, many traditional wedding fabrics such as silk are pretty sustainable when sourced from the right places- therefore, making sure you do your research can mean that you’re keeping your wedding outfits sustainable. This is one of the most important things to consider when you’re planning a sustainable wedding. You should also wear vintage jewellery such as earrings and bracelets, as it is less harsh on the environment.

Wear Cruelty Free Makeup

If you haven’t already, make sure that you or your MUA is using ethical makeup. Ethical makeup often means that it is cruelty-free and zero-waste, and most often locally sourced. Many people forget about the small things when it comes to sustainability, however, by making small changes to things like your makeup and hair routine, you can make your wedding more sustainable overall. 

Ask For Sustainable Gifts 

One of the least sustainable parts of weddings is how many gifts many couples receive on the day. While many new couples need those gifts to kit out their homes and start their new life, this doesn’t have to be wasteful. Putting gifts from sustainable brands on your wedding gift registry is a good idea, so you can have the things you need without harming the planet. However, if you and your partner already live together, why not ask for wedding gifts such as donations to charities and organisations that help society progress to a more sustainable future? This way, your wedding can be responsible and help the world around you. 

The Engagement Ring

You should also think about your betrothal jewellery, and how you can make that sustainable as well. Sometimes, the engagement process can unfortunately be one of the most wasteful parts of the marriage process. Diamonds and the jewellery industry can be extremely harmful to the environment. This is because producing engagement rings means a lot of energy is used and lots of emissions are released. The diamond industry can be extremely harmful to the environment. Therefore, picking an engagement ring sustainably can be difficult. Make sure you look for jewellers that are committed to sustainable practices and reducing emissions. Lab-grown diamonds may also be a better prospect than natural diamonds. However, a great alternative could also be vintage engagement rings. There are many beautifully designed vintage rings out there that could make a beautiful engagement gift, and could overall be a much better sustainable purchase than a new engagement ring. 

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