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protection with solid display

The window of your jewelry store is an undeniable weapon of seduction for your customers. Might as well take care of it. Besides the purely marketing aspect, it is crucial to think about security. Burglaries and thefts of jewelry are a real risk that should not be overlooked. Today we are going to draw your attention to the security of your shop windows. Discover the type of suitable display cases and best practices to ensure optimal protection of your products.

A qualified glazier for the installation of a window in your jewelry store

That’s it ! You have chosen secure showcases for your jewelry store. It’s a good thing, but it’s not enough for long-term protection. For example, it is important to maintain the seals of small display cases to prevent premature breakage. The condition of your windows should also be checked regularly. For this task, the ideal is to call on a professional glazier. He will take care of the repair or replacement if necessary. The intervention of a qualified glazier like the one available on this site is necessary to ensure the installation of your windows in the rules of the art .

When it comes to specific areas, using the skills and know-how of subject matter experts is essential for the success of the work. When it comes to glazing, the glazier is the person you need. The troubleshooting, installation and repair of windows and display cases are its core business . Find out about the glaziers available in your area. Check their seriousness and do not hesitate to ask for a quote.

jewelry showcase

If your business has ever been the victim of an act of vandalism, you have surely already taken all the necessary precautions. But if not, are you sure your display cases are safe for the jewelry you sell?

Whether for the front of your store or for the presentation of your items inside, your windows play a vital role in the success of the sale. It is legitimate for you to opt for windows that will enhance your collections of rings, earrings, bracelets… Windows that will make the eyes of passers-by shine and invite them to enter your shop. But strategy and aesthetics aren’t everything. They don’t matter if your storefronts aren’t secure. That’s why you should opt for burglar-proof, impact-resistant display cases.

On the safety glazing market, you will find a large choice of armored glass or bulletproof glass . It is a laminated glass with an average of three layers. It is designed specifically to withstand pistol, shotgun or rifle fire. The level of protection is specified by standard NF EN 1063. It is during the tests that you will be able to judge its performance.

Do not forget the security elements for your windows. Be careful, they must remain discreet so as not to arouse suspicion. Are you located in a shopping center or rather a gallery? The installation of metal grilles for the front of your store can also be interesting.

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