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Depending on your usage, you may need one type of straw hat over another. Find all our advice to choose yours.

How To Choose Your Straw Hat

We all know that ultraviolet rays are extremely harmful to our skin and to our eyes. Therefore, it is recommended to protect your head and apply sunscreen to exposed parts of your body. One of the most effective ways to cover your head is to wear a high quality straw hat.

There are many models of headgear to protect yourself from the sun. However, none of them equals the effectiveness of straw hats . To choose the perfect model, think about what you want to use it for and find out about its sun protection factor.

What are straw hats made of?

You probably expected a simple answer. However, there are many categories of fibers, each with different characteristics.

Wheat straw is the traditional natural fiber used in France for centuries. Recognizable by its bright yellow color, it is usually coarsely braided.

Raffia straw comes from the palm tree bearing the same name . Widely used for millinery, it has stretchy qualities. It is found on almost all types of hats.

Paper straw is a fiber made artificially from cellulose. Made from wood, it is more robust and less sensitive to water than natural fibres.

Toquilla or panama straw is made from the leaves of the toquilla palm. It is durable and lightweight.

Hemp is another popular material used for making hats . Below are the most popular textiles made from it.

Sisal fiber is produced from the leaves of the plant with this name. It is more refined and shinier than other hemp fibers. It is often used to create elegant hats for special occasions.

Sisal fibers

Sinamay straw is woven from the processed stems of abaca. Its quality lies in its robustness: it is three times more resistant than cotton or silk.

Choose a UV protection sun hat

The straw hat is a perfect accessory to enhance your look. However, the primary purpose of a headgear is to protect your head and skin from harmful UV rays. Indeed, many health problems can result from prolonged exposure to the sun without protection. Although the hat alone is not enough, it is an element that can make the difference in preserving your face.

Woman Straw Hat

It is better to buy a hat that is too big than too small. A tight headgear does not allow heat to escape properly and can lead to headaches. On the contrary, a wider crown promotes good ventilation.

Nevertheless, the ideal is still to have a hat adapted to the shape and size of your head. Find out how to measure your head circumference in our dedicated article. You only need a ribbon. If in doubt when buying a headgear, do not hesitate to contact the store for advice.

Women’s Large Straw Hat

To ensure the effectiveness of a hat, it is important to learn about its material and its design.

Mesh netting : A mesh netting is an item inside the headgear that can enhance its effectiveness. It will reduce the amount of sunlight that passes through the hat.

UV Protection : The straw hat you buy should protect your head from harmful UV rays. To do this, make sure the UPF rating is above 50 or UPF 50+.

Breathable weave : High quality straw hats are made of breathable weave. This is an important thing you need to consider when wearing a headwear in the summer. This feature increases the air circulation on your head and thus keeps it cool.

braided straw

Breathable braided straw from the Women’s Straw Hat Size 60 for natural ventilation

The UPF rating indicates how effective the hat is at blocking UV rays from reaching your skin.

There are different types of UV index for straw hats. Those with a UPF 50+ are the best option to protect your skin from ultraviolet rays. The higher the UV index, the more effective the protection.

The sun burns more or less quickly each skin according to its sensitivity . A factor above 50 ensures that it will take 50 times longer to burn. So you are quiet for the day. A lower SPF may not be sufficient for prolonged exposure.

The straw hat protects the face , neck and eyes. However, it does not replace sunscreen, which must still be applied to exposed parts of your body.

Which straw hat

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