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cake for a birthday

In a week you will celebrate your 40th birthday or the 10th birthday of your son. For this event you want to order an original and personalized birthday cake for an adult or a child.

When we are about to celebrate an exceptional birthday, like that of 20, 30 or 60 years old, we often forget the idea of ​​​​preparing a pastry yourself and we take the easy step of buying a birthday cake.

It’s true, when you want to organize a birthday meal to water the arrival of the birthday person in a new decade, you plan things in a big way and you invite all the relatives and friends of the main person concerned. So, the idea, the reflex in this case is to order a birthday cake for 20, 40 or 50 people, rather than making it homemade. Yes but where ?

Where to order a personalized birthday cake

To answer this question the first thing to do is to push the questioning a little further. In order to make your choice, you will ask yourself, for example, what is the budget that I can devote to this birthday dessert. Depending on this you will know where to go.

Indeed, to order a cheap birthday cake, we will make this purchase in a hypermarket at Leclerc, Auchan, Carrefour or even Intermarché. These brands offer in the pastry department many models of chocolate and fruit cakes and in particular a range for children with funny birthday decorations with characters such as Cars, Hello Kitty, Mickey or Princess.

If your envelope is larger, you can go to a good pastry shop in Paris, Brussels, Lyon, Marseille or Bordeaux to order a birthday cake with a personalized decoration for the man or woman who is going to blow out his candles.

But know that if you can afford it, there is a very last solution to order a cake for birthday and which we do not think of, but which has the merit of existing. This happens online in one of the shops specializing in the sale of cakes on the internet.

Order a birthday cake online

Admittedly, the idea of ​​ordering a birthday cake online did not come to us spontaneously. Probably because we think that no store on the internet offers this service of personalized cakes sent by post. Certainly also because we tell ourselves that a pastry can’t be ordered from a catalog and that it must travel badly. However, pastry chefs have taken to the web and found a way to send you this dessert at the end of a festive meal as if it had just come out of the pastry chef’s or the store. Apparently it works and the opinions of customers who have tested the online cake order are rather satisfied and convinced by the concept.

In this sense, I invite you to discover these online e-shops that allow you to have a birthday cake delivered to your home, thanks to an order on the internet.

You need an adult birthday cake , girl or boy, no worries the specialized sites have all the cards in hand to meet your needs and requirements. Indeed, the sites of cakes sweep away the main reservations that we may have, first of all that of transport. These are carefully packaged in a solid packaging provided for this purpose, moreover a video presentation proves it to us.

Regarding freshness, we are told that the cakes are made with quality ingredients on the same day of shipment. For delivery, this can be done on the desired date with a margin of more or less 1 day.

Order a personalized cake online

Online pastry chefs offer you the opportunity to add a personal decorative touch to your cake. In addition, it’s very simple and totally intuitive, just follow the guide.

The first step is to choose a themed cake. And there you will not be disappointed between the number birthday cake, the tiered cake or the cakes of different shapes or with figurines for children, there is something to satisfy everyone with really original cakes .

Then select the filling: chocolate birthday cake, cherry, raspberry, lemon. Indicate the message to be written on the cake, for example happy birthday and the first name of the birthday.

As an option, some sites suggest that you order magic candlesbirthday card or to slip in a greeting card with a birthday or congratulations note.

Finally, to push the personalization to the bottom, know that you can put an image on the birthday cake, have an edible photo printed with marzipan.

Why not a personalized cookie?

The cake is the centerpiece of the birthday party. However, you can also surprise the guests or the main interested party with another pastry appreciated by the greatest number: the biscuit and personalized please! On this occasion, I suggest you order a personalized cookie available here ! I find the idea of ​​affixing a drawing and a personalized message to a biscuit really unusual.

This box of personalized cookies can be given on different occasions or at times of the party. The small biscuit personalized with the text or the message Happy birthday 40 years Marc can be offered at the time of the coffee or the dessert. In the case of a box, it can be given as a token of thanks when the guests leave, as one would do with a box of sugared almonds or a personalized souvenir gift .

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