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When winter is on its way and temperatures drop drastically, many tend to layer up in layers. This reflex is completely normal, the goal being to warm up. Nevertheless, covering up excessively is far from being the best solution in cold weather. What are the reasons ?

The Bad Consequences of Excessive Layers of Clothing

Layering clothes in winter is not the right method if you overdo it. With two t-shirts, a sweater, a coat and a down jacket, you will literally bloat and it will be very unsightly. But in addition, perspiration will be important. Indeed, when temperatures drop, the body launches its thermoregulation in order to maintain the 37.5 degrees necessary for its proper functioning.

Thus, if you wear a large number of clothes, there will be overheating which will result in a large amount of sweat. Beware of heatstroke. Even worse if you layer the wrong layers of clothing. This will cause moisture to become trapped and your underwear will get wet. Consequence: you will end up shivering.

The three-layer rule, the best technique

The three-layer method is still the most effective way to stay warm when you’re outdoors. Moreover, with such a technique, removing the coat or down jacket once inside or even in the subway is possible if you sweat too much. It is mainly based on the choice of the material of the clothes to be superimposed. You must follow a specific order for this technique to be successful.

A breathable base layer

The first layer is the very basis of your comfort in winter. It is therefore to be chosen with tactics. Indeed, it will be closest to your body and to avoid sweating profusely, opt for breathable clothing. Such a feature is the very guarantee of the rapid evacuation of your natural moisture, that is, sweat.

Clothing made with natural fiber or thermo-regulating fabric is highly recommended. On the other hand, cotton is to be avoided, because although this material is breathable, it dries very slowly.

An insulating and thermal intermediate layer

To choose the second layer of clothing to wear in winter, you should mainly focus on its insulating capacity. You can opt for fleece clothes, sweaters and fleeces. Down and wool are also good insulators. They have the ability to trap air well which will protect you well against the cold. They also promote the slow dissipation of body heat.

Moreover, it is quite possible to combine two garments to form this second layer. Either way, it should be done with harmony and elegance. Everything must depend on the weather conditions.

A final waterproof layer

After the insulating layer, all you have to do is choose a waterproof garment. Just like the first two, its role is to warm you up. But in addition, it protects you against wind, snow and rain. The lined jacket is one of the most popular. It is both modern and protective. The coat, down jacket and parka with lining are also good compromises. They even constitute a real barrier against the cold. In addition, they reach up to the thighs and therefore warm up effectively.

However, don’t forget to check their trim, as some may not be breathable. Choose quality models filled with natural duck or goose down. If you want other innovative materials, fillings with synthetic wadding are good compromises. And above all, do not rely on the weight of the garment to judge its effectiveness in warming. Some lighter models are more reliable than heavier ones.

Focus on accessories

After applying the 3 layers method, you are no longer at risk of catching cold. But despite everything, you have to think about the extremities of your body. For this, accessories specially designed for winter are essential. For the head, the woolen hat remains essential and timeless. At the same time, it covers the ears and will thus provide a great feeling of comfort. As for your hands, the only accessories that can really warm them up are gloves. You have a wide selection of models and materials at your disposal.

In addition, to warm the pelvis down to the feet, fleece tights will be out. This is an innovative accessory specially designed to give you maximum warmth in winter. These tights are different from the others because on the outside they have a transparent effect and on the inside they are lined with fleece. They thus combine the useful with the pleasant since they are aesthetic and warm. In addition, they are suitable for all women, regardless of age. Above fleece tights, you can wear pants or a dress. No need to layer several tights to protect you from frost and cold wind.

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